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Sweets are considered comfort food ranging from cakes to ice cream and for some candy is the quickest way to achieve that comfort level.

Sweet Notes

Candies such as mr and mrs rock sweets are yummy alternatives for your sweet tooth. It comes in assorted stripped colors such as pink, yellow and rainbow colored stripes. It not only is your sweet tooth's fix, they also offer their candies as giveaways at parties and weddings. You can have your event written on the candy, "Happy Birthday Sean" or "Mike and Mindy's Wedding".

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Candy vs. Gum

What is the difference between eating a candy and chewing on a gum?

Both are a clear way to get one's oral fixation. According to science, all human beings are orally fixated it means the need of finding something to put in your mouth.

Lollipops and gums are the most common types of sweets which you can easily be popped in your mouth. The hassles of lollipops involve removing the covering which at times proves to be a challenge.

Raining Gumballs

Have you seen the movie "Bedtime Stories"? It's an American comedy-fantasy-family film starring Adam Sandler (Skeeter Bronson), Keri Russell (Jill Hastings). The story is about Skeeter telling bedtime stories to his niece and nephew and somehow the stories come to life the following day. One particular scene is when gumballs started to rain while Skeeter was standing beneath a bridge a scene which every kid would love to happen in real life.

Gumball Mumble

Gumball is an all-time favorite candygum which comes out of a gumball machine. You can hear your kids begging for coins just to turn that knob and get their gumballs.

Gum was invented in 1850 and was commercially available after its invention. Legend says that a businessman was unhappy about the sales of his flat gum, compressed it into a ball form and threw it in the air until it fell into a sugar barrel. He noticed the "new" glistening appearance after picking it up. Hence, the gumball was born 50 years later.

Zesty Chews

Children of all ages - including adults - jusat can't resist gumballs. Maybe because of its colorful appearance or the feeling you get after turning the knob of the vending machine.

Over the years, gumball flavor has evolved from the sweet taste, fruity flavor and now bacon flavored gumballs.

Catered for Consumption

Aside from coming up with new flavors, its size has evolved. Some are 14mm while others are 24mm in diameter the bigger the gum, the longer chewing time to savor its flavor.

Gumball vending machines are not the only place to get your gumball fix. Businesses have actually ventured into delivering packs to business establishments or for party use.