Twitter is a popular instant messaging service that has strong associations with direct marketing practices. For instance, a direct marketing pitch for rock sweets features testimonials from candy fans that are shared via the fans "Tweeting" how good the sweets tasted and where to buy more. Thus, the fact that someone is sharing the good word about rock sweets on Twitter is a good example of effective marketing strategies that are created by good word of mouth advertising.

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Twitter tips for marketing

For businesses that want to expand its market, Twitter may be one of the best open forums online today because you can post short statements that must be very precise to pass for a Tweet. For example, a typical Tweet must be no more than 140 characters long. Also, the good thing about marketing with Twitter is you can both target and restrict customers based on your type of business and the messages you wish to share or control with various customers on the Internet.

Twitter is a great public relations and marketing tool because

- Twitter messages can reach potential customers and have a positive impact on the products or services you wish to market.

- Twitter is a massive social site online with more than 600 million registered users.

- Twitter allows your marketing messages to be personally targeted to the accounts you wish to follow based on an interest in your product or services.

- Twitter allows your business marketing to stay current while also building rapport with re-Tweets of people's updates on the Internet.

In general, it is easy to set-up a Twitter account with potential customers who wish to receive your updates or Tweets about a product or business service you are offering.

Sharing your business on Twitter

Twitter is a proven marketing tool for business owners. In fact, it is very easy to start a Twitter account while building up a base of hundreds or thousands or even millions of followers who all want more details about your business product or services.

However, it is important to really think about the type of content you wish to include with your Tweets or your Twitter marketing strategy. For instance, one Tweet fan said he was sharing daily Tweets about sales going on at his web site but he quickly learned to only Tweet good stuff over everyday stuff relating to his sales. Also, the other Twitter marketing guidance is linked to knowing how to properly engage your potential customers with the right triggers that will lead them to purchase a product or service that you are marketing online.

Overall, there are many savvy online business owners who realize that social marketing with Twitter is great for sales. Also, Twitter is viewed as an incredible social networking tool - for getting potential customers jazzed up about a product or service that is being marketed - because it contacts a Twitter follower directly and personally with advertising information that they may have not read if it was not sent as a Tweet.